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Front POV
Player's POV

Archer is one of the playable classes in

Archers are characters with skills that provide them mobility and survivability along with the ability deal damage from afar.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • 20% damage Absorb (reduces damage taken)

Skills[edit | edit source]

Archer pierce.jpg Piercing Shot[edit | edit source]

(instant cast) Fires an arrow at your target. Pierces their armor up to 5 times, increasing your next Piercing Shot damage by 18%.
- 1 sec cooldown
- 2 Mana Cost

Archer volley.jpg Volley[edit | edit source]

(instant cast) Shoot all enemies in a cone in front of you over a duration.
- 6 sec. cooldown
- While volley is active you can move, but you can't use other spells

Archer siphon.jpg Leeching Arrow[edit | edit source]

(instant cast) Fires a condemned arrow at your enemy dealing damage and healing you at the same time. Reduces the target's regeneration rate and the effect of healing spells on them for a few seconds.
- 13 sec cooldown

Archer sprint.jpg Sprint[edit | edit source]

(instant cast) Sprint at a very high speed for a short moment.
- 5 sec cooldown

Pros and cons[edit | edit source]


  • Devastating sustained single target DPS, achieved by simply spamming your piercing shot at the enemy
  • Can counter healing to some extent
  • Sprint has low cooldown
  • One of the better 1v1 classes, with its massive singletarget dps. It can easily take care of mages, and most other classes if played correctly.
  • Archer's leech arrow is the sole ability that can make all natural regen and healing abilities next to useless. This prevent mages from healing inside their iceblock, Warriors taunt heal is reduced, and all of shamans heal abilities are also reduced. Take advantage of this and slaw down as much damage as you can, as it only lasts for a short period of time.
  • All of Archer's spells are instant cast


  • Doesn't have any crowd control (slow, stun etc.)
  • Sprint is a good skill, but can be countered by slows (your sprint speed also decreases while slowed). This + not having a slow yourself, makes you not very good at running away
  • The heal from your leaching arrow is mediocre

Lore[edit | edit source]

Archers are proud and haughty people that came from the forests in the south. They are very agile and precise with their weapons. They were originally hired as assassins, to be able to take down a target and get away immediately. Archers are capable of shooting at extreme speeds without missing and wield various of different special arrows, which are unique only to the South. They are able to track prey and eliminate them within a few seconds through their precision and unique arrows.

They are also able to take down masses of people with their ability to shoot arrows rapidly, allowing them to be hired as monster hunters and taking down the many monsters that roam around the world.

The Vanguards have found Archers to be useful in eliminating targets from the Bloodlust and have hired many more however, it is said that the Bloodlust sent people to the South to recruit some Archers.

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