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There are two Factions in Hordes.io: FactionA.png Vanguard and FactionB.png Bloodlust, sometimes called team Blue and Red with newbies.

Players from opposite factions will be hostile to each other (however, players with extreme levels to each other cannot fight; therefore level 35's cannot kill level 10's, yet can be pummeled by level 40's). Defeating enemy players and monsters grants Coin.png Gold and Fame. Each faction has a boss (Vanguard's boss is called King, Bloodlust's is called Leader), a large mob with high damage, health, exp and gold when killed, that can be defeated as well two smaller mobs (called Wardens) around it, guarding the local spawnpoint. Each faction controls two different areas, one where the bosses are located and another separate area that is guarded by other Wardens (equally as powerful as the ones guarding the King / Leader.

There are global leaderboards that feature the best performing players of both factions regardless of server. Bloodlust players are shown in a red color while Vanguard players are displayed as blue. They may also show their Classes, Level, and amount of Fame! It's best to check their player profile to see what you're up against when you encounter these tough people.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Factions[edit | edit source]


This Faction has lots of land, letting them own the Outer Area, Redfield, and various other Vanguard - exclusive Farming spots. They also have much more OP clans (such as the ever-growing GLA), ruthlessly slaying the Bloodlusts wherever they go. They usually dominate the leaderboard in the game.

They also have many, many disadvantages in the game. They cannot rule either the Climbable Mountain Range (only climbable for experienced players, no need to be a Mage), or the Purplefield (purple-terrain Farming spot for growing players). They also cannot really cut down the masses of Monsters as well as the Bloodlust, because they are busily going about the servers asking for clan members and/or scouring for fight-able Bloodlusts to slay. They hay also have too much Shamans and Warriors, that cannot survive too well compared to Bloodlust's many more Mages and Archers.


This Faction has the best yet rarely used farming spot - the Purplefield...making those few players that know the map well get so much so fast! The Bloodlust also have the Climbable Mountain Range, a great view as a reward for a hard 1st climb! They can also cut down the wild Monster population much, much faster than the Vanguard, because of their many Mages and Archers, with much more agility and survivability than the Warriors and the Shamans.

They also have disadvantages. They own less land, yet they still might trickle into the Vanguard's Outer Area, Redfield, and other farming spots. They can be constantly killed by the annoying OP Vanguard clans that possibly hacked and made themselves level 30 on the first day...and possibly hacking to get either more unearned fame, gold, and experience. The Bloodlusts are in a pummeling from those clans.

Faction Lore[edit | edit source]

Vanguard (Blue)[edit | edit source]

The Vanguards are people of order and honor. They are the knights in shining armor, and the people who keep the world in peace. The world was once in chaos when the monsters suddenly started appearing all around the world. A small group of monster slayers formed the mini - Vanguard to make a name of themselves...and for fame. Eventually, they started to be hailed as heroes and received many requests to be part of the real Vanguard. They realized that they would be able to train these people and be able to keep peace in the world through the elimination of monsters!

They accepted all the requests to join the Vanguard and started to advertise and started hiring the people from the West. With the help of their swordsmen, they were able to make a fortune from the death of monsters. With this, they upgraded their equipment and hired the native archers from the South. They were reluctant to join however, but their homeland was being invaded by the monsters too quickly. They accepted and were hired as archer assassins for the Vanguard.

Psychics from the East started to move after hearing the stories of the Vanguard attempting to eradicate the monsters from the world and came to assist with their Magic...becoming Mages. The mysterious man, a Shaman from the North came and taught the Spirit Arts and taught people to use the power of the spirits to slay monsters.

One day, a wise, powerful group of Vanguard decided to secede, making their own team; honoring each other for slaying monsters, bosses, and even the Vanguard for their "evil, ruthless" deeds. This group was called the Bloodlust, with equally powerful (yet smarter) Archers, Mages, Shamans, Warriors, and Legends.

Bloodlust (Red)[edit | edit source]

The Bloodlust is a mysterious group that seemed to come out from nowhere. While the Vanguards reigned, the Bloodlusts suddenly appeared and started killing Vanguard warriors and monsters. The Bloodlusts were a group that amuses themselves with the deaths of others (Monsters, Vanguard, etc). There are no known reasons as to why the Bloodlusts kill others; however, they have been seen to be assisting in the eradication of the monsters, too. They are ruthless and kill just about anybody they see without reason and have disrupted the peace the Vanguard has made in the world...yet claim they are the ones helping out the world much better than the Vanguard. They have once again started chaos and panic...almost assisting the Monsters roaming in the world. The Bloodlusts have all of what the Vanguard has: Archers, Warriors, Shamans, Mages, Wardens, Traders, and a Leader Boss! How or why they agreed to join the Bloodlusts is unknown. There are no scrolls regarding the Bloodlusts' history. They're indeed ruthless and evil to the Monsters and Vanguard Soldiers they tease. However, sneaky and overpowered cheaters, like you, may want to join this faction and help out the eradication of both Monsters (yet are your friend) and the slightly unfair Vanguard!

All was going good, monsters were getting killed. But then suddenly, the Bloodlust was made. War broke out between the Bloodlusts and the Vanguards. The Vanguards were astonished to see that the Bloodlusts also had people from around and managed to "be even" with the Vanguard.