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The game map marked with faction spawns

The Game Map is shown on the right. Terrain mostly consists of smooth grassy plains that are on the edge of the map surrounded by mountains (not including the Climbable Mountain Range, which is the gray space South of the Purplefield).

The map includes:

  • 4 spawn areas (each guarded by a Faction Boss and two Wardens, Trader can also be found here), two with each of the Factions's spawnpoint (Vanguard is blue, Bloodlust is red). The area in between is called the Crossroads).
  • leveling area full of monsters that wander around in a group of 3 - 6 (except for the Archer Monsters).
  • Areas further away from the player spawns will have higher level monsters.
  • In the red area on the map all monsters are high level and therefore only high level players can kill them. The yellow area has high level monsters, but not as high as the red area's monsters, so all middle level players can attack them. The purple areas and the green areas have lower level monsters and mostly every player can kill them.
  • Many great Farming spots, like the Redfield, Purplefield, and Outer Area.
  • Typically, the Bloodlust controls the western side of the map, while the Vanguard controls the eastern side of the map.

Mountain ranges and their steep slopes are inaccessible to everyone except the Mage class (and cheaters, and other classes that are experienced at climbing), which can use the Teleport ability to cheat it's way up the mountain. However, there's a mountain climbable between the two Bloodlust spawns and just South of the "Purplefield". Somehow, it's climbable with practice and patience.