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Front POV
Player's POV

Shaman is one of the four playable classes in!

Shamans are characters with skills that can apply buffs/heals to allies and debuffs/damage to enemies from a distance. They are common in clans because of their "doctor-like" heal effects, to help their team.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • 20% damage Absorb (reduces damage taken)

Skills[edit | edit source]

Note: Skills passively level up as you level, spending Gold on them boost their performance in battle.

Shaman heal.jpg Healing Ritual[edit | edit source]

(Timed cast) Heals your target upon cast and then for some time afterwards.
- No cooldown time.
- 1 second casting time (have to stand still in order to start casting).
- Leaves behind a HoT [Heal over time], or a healing effect similar to Equilibrate, another move used by the Shaman.

Shaman spirit.jpg Equilibrate[edit | edit source]

(Instant cast) Summons a spirit upon a friendly target that heals him and damages enemies in a small area around him. It can only be placed on one target at a time.
- No cooldown.
- The buff lasts for a very long period of time, so considered a HoT.
- Spirit will damage opponent in melee range, and heals the target.

Shaman decay.jpg Decay[edit | edit source]

(Instant cast) Cast a spell of decay upon your enemy, slowing their movement and dealing damage over time. It looks like a golden ring of poison gas when on a target.
- No cooldown.
- Debuff enemies into slowed state. [Less movement speed], called a "Slower".
- Inflicts DoT [Damage Over Time].

Shaman windrush.jpg Wind Rush[edit | edit source]

(Instant cast) Temporarily boost the movement speed of you and your allies around you. Allows you to help your friends and a horde of dangerous Monsters are near.
- 19 second cooldown.
- Lasts six second.
+ Clarification: Every skill upgrade increases your temporarily movement speed. Shown as % (percent) of ability effect.

Pros and Cons[edit | edit source]


  • Very hard to kill due to 2 potent heals. Can tank.
  • Very strong and hard/impossible to kill 1 v 1.
  • Can keep the enemy permanently slowed. Good chaser.
  • Very useful in teams (clans), as you can heal teammates and boost their movement speed.
  • Can do great/overpowered DPS (damage per second).
  • Using Equilibrate close to an enemy will reduce the amount of healing received by that enemy, due to its damaging ability.


  • In order to do your maximum potential damage, you need to be close to your target.
  • Your toughness is a result of your powerful heals. You don't have the increased hp (health points)/damage resistance (defense stat) of a warrior. This means that focused high burst damage from multiple enemies can quickly kill you.
  • Your escape/chasing skill ( Wind Rush) has long cooldown.
  • You need to be standing still to cast your main healing ability, making it hard to heal when running away.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Shamans are people who are trained in the spirit arts! They are able to access the power of spirits to influence the outside world and are able to communicate with them (as used in their spells!). The spirit arts was first taught from a mysterious man whose name was never known. It was said he came from a village far north, however, there has been no evidence of this. This man offered to teach the spirit arts for a hefty sum of gold. He only ever had two disciples, which were trained for many years.

One day, the man suddenly disappeared and left the knowledge to his two disciples when they taught more people. Eventually, the Vanguard army realized the potential of spirit arts, and persuaded one of the disciples to join the Vanguard and teach the spirit arts to soldiers. The other disciple disappeared without a word. It is assumed that he joined the Bloodlust and taught the spirit arts to them too, however, he was never seen.

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