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About Clans[edit | edit source] has clans that can be created and joined to have friends, plan events, and even get assistance with your character development. Joining or creating a clan is not a necessity.

Joining a clan[edit | edit source]

To join a clan, you must have a “unique” permanent name, be level 10 or greater, and receive an invitation from another player of the same faction. This is usually accomplished by stating in the global chat box that you want to be in a clan, your level, your faction, and (sometimes) your fame number. Some clans have requirements, so it's a good idea to mention all of that info to look like a pro. If an officer or owner of a clan is online and they are interested, they will try to communicate and meet up to send an invitation when they are nearby. When they send you an invitation, a window will pop up showing you that you have been invited to a clan and gives you the option of accepting or declining the invitation. Sometimes a bit of patience is needed since clan officers aren't online all the time. If you are tired of waiting on someone else and you still want to be in a clan, try making your own clan!

Creating a clan[edit | edit source]

To create a clan, you must be at least level 15, have a “unique” permanent name, and have a spare 15,000 coins available to pay for creating it.

Click on the banner/shield icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. Click on the “Create Clan” button to begin the process. Fill out the alphanumeric 4-digit tag that you want everyone to see when they see a clan member and also give a brief title/description that will show up on the Clan page on the website.

Inviting someone to your clan[edit | edit source]

If you are a clan owner or an officer in a clan, you can send players of the same faction an invitation to join your clan. Click on the person you wish to add to your clan, then click the target plate and a menu will pop up. Click on that button to send an invitation.

Managing a clan[edit | edit source]

When owning a clan or being an officer in a clan, you must manage the clan from time to time. Some clan members might need to be promoted to “officer” and some members...just don't seem to fit the clan's ideals and need to find another clan.

To promote someone to “officer”, open the clan manager by clicking on the "clan manager" button in the clan window. In the clan manager, select which members you wish to promote to officer by selecting a desired role next to their name. Only clan owners can perform this function; officers cannot make other clan members new officers.

To remove someone from your clan, open the clan manager by clicking on the "clan manager" button in the clan window. In the clan manager, press the "kick" button next to their name to kick a member. Clan owners and officers can both use this function, so choose your officers wisely!

Lore[edit | edit source]

Clans were added in the Alpha 18 update.