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This is a list of Commands in Commands are used through the chat, which is opened by pressing Enter.

  • Use /global to send a global message.
  • Use /bindings to see the list of key bindings.
  • Use /rebind to change a key binding.
  • Use /resetbindings to reset key bindings to default.
  • Use /respawn to respawn in your base (you will lose a little of xp)
  • Use /gfxquality to change the graphic quality of the game from 0 to 4.
  • Use /hideplayer to hide your player from view to facilitate taking player-free screenshots. Note: This command does not make you invisible to other players.
  • Use /hideui to hide your gui, mainly for taking screenshots. Note: This command removes everything from view, and cannot be removed unless relogging into the game. Use caution.

To make your character visible again simply change servers.