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These are the Controls in

  • Moving: Press W, A, S, and D (or use arrow keys or hold LMB and RMB)
  • Target Selection: Press LMB
  • Rotate Character Camera: Hold LMB
  • Rotate Character: Hold RMB
  • Use Skills: Press 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Press Tab to cycle through enemy targets (usually doesn't work well)
  • Press Shift to cycle through friendly targets (usually doesn't work well)
  • Press F1 to toggle on or off a list of controls and commands in game.
  • Press B to toggle the Inventory.
  • Press C to toggle the Character Panel
  • If you want to rebind controls use the command /rebind, for a list of bindings use /bindings (these commands have to be used in chat, more information here).
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