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There are two Factions in Hordes.io: FactionA.png Vanguard and FactionB.png Bloodlust, sometimes called team Blue and Red with newbies.

Players from opposite factions will be hostile to each other (however, players with extreme levels to each other cannot fight; therefore level 35's cannot kill level 10's, yet can be pummeled by level 40's). Defeating enemy players and monsters grants Coin.png Gold and Fame. Each faction has a boss (Vanguard's boss is called King, Bloodlust's is called Leader), a large mob with high damage, health, exp and gold when killed, that can be defeated as well two smaller mobs (called Wardens) around it, guarding the local spawnpoint. Each faction controls two different areas, one where the bosses are located and another separate area that is guarded by other Wardens (equally as powerful as the ones guarding the King / Leader.

There are global leaderboards that feature the best performing players of both factions regardless of server. Bloodlust players are shown in a red color while Vanguard players are displayed as blue. They may also show their Classes, Level, and amount of Fame! It's best to check their player profile to see what you're up against when you encounter these tough people.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Factions[edit | edit source]


This Faction has lots of land, letting them own the Outer Area, Redfield, and various other Vanguard - exclusive Farming spots. Ruthlessly slaying the Bloodlusts wherever they go (this is pretty ironic for the Vanguard against Bloodlust).

They also have many, many disadvantages in the game. They cannot rule either the Climbable Mountain Range (only climbable for experienced players, no need to be a Mage), or the Purplefield (purple-terrain Farming spot for growing players). They also cannot really cut down the masses of Monsters as well as the Bloodlust, because they are busily going about the servers asking for clan members and/or scouring for fight-able Bloodlust members to slay. They may also have too many Shamans and Warriors, that cannot survive too well compared to Bloodlust's many more Mages and Archers.


This Faction has multiple powerful clans. The Bloodlust also have the Climbable Mountain Range, a great view as a reward for a hard 1st climb! They have highly more fighters, because the Vanguard outnumbers them by so much, so they learn to fight quickly. They can also cut down the wild Monster population much, much faster than the Vanguard, because of their many Mages and Archers, with much more agility and survivability than the Warriors and the Shamans, as well as having more high level players. One other landform they own is the Purplefield, a purple-colored landmass. They usually dominate the leaderboard in the game.

They also have disadvantages. They own less land, yet they still might trickle into the Vanguard's Outer Area, Redfield, and other farming spots. They are far outnumbered by the Vanguard faction, though they have one advantage: Dek (creator of the game).

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