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The Fame Count in Hordes.io is determined by how many people you have killed, and your resilience to not dying. The Fame levels in the game Currently are:

0-10= Bald

10-200= wood headband

200-500= Bronze Headband

500-1,500= Metal Headband

1,500-3,000= Silver headband

3,000-5,000= Gold headband

5,000-8,000= Wood crown

8,000-11,000= Bronze Crown

11,000-15,000= Metal Crown

15,000-20,000+= Golden crown

These are the fame levels at the moment,there will also be diamond/ Crystal Crowns, which are crowns with Gems in the middle. For now The fame Levels for the Diamond/ crystal Crowns cannot be determined, for they are the GMs secret until, the next update.