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Fame is a score in Hordes.io that is increased by defeating players and non-player characters from the opposing faction.

The eight players with the highest fame from either faction that are currently online will be featured on the global leaderboard, which is visible on all four servers.

Fame can be lost because of Death made by a hostile player. Fame works like this: Attacker: 10 + 1.0% fame gained. Victim: 15 + 1.1% fame lost.

PvP Headgear[edit | edit source]

Players are granted a piece of headgear that represents their current fame when they gain enough for the requirements to be met:

  • 0-10 - no headgear
  • 10-180 - wood headband
  • 180-600 - iron headband
  • 600-1,300 - silver headband
  • 1,300-2,100- gold headband
  • 2,100-3,200 - wood crown
  • 3,200-? - iron crown
  • ?-7,600 - silver crown
  • 7,600+ golden crown

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fame scores can be seen outside of the online part of the game on the two leaderboards - the Clan ladder and Player ladder.
  • The majority of Bloodlust players have higher fame scores at the current moment.
  • You cannot switch or equip fame-earned headgear even though your player may be eligible for multiple. For example, a player with a with 9,000 fame may only wear a golden crown.