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Creating a Character[edit | edit source]

Choose a name for your character. After reaching level 7 you will still be able to register a different, unique name.

Decide between the two factions: FactionA.png Vanguard or FactionB.png Bloodlust.

Think about what class do you prefer to play:

  • Warrior - charging to your enemy, silencing them and reducing their movement speed while whirling and dealing short range damage.
  • Mage - escaping close combat, then dealing high AOE damage at long range plus slowing down your enemies.
  • Shaman - healing wounds as well as increasing movement speed of yourself and your allies while dealing damage over time.
  • Archer - sprint and chase your enemy to stackingly reduce their armor and increase damage of your consecutive shots.

Entering the World[edit | edit source]

Interface[edit | edit source]

Let's take a look at the user interface and some controls you will definitely use:

  • UI-Character.png Character panel displays information about your character including level, stats and equipped items.
    • It can be quickly toggled using the C key. It can be dragged / moved around by holding down the left mouse button.
  • UI-Bag.png Inventory panel acts as a bag and displays items you are carrying and also the amount of gold you have.
    • It can be quickly toggled using the B key. It can be dragged / moved around by holding down the left mouse button.
  • UI-ID.png ID panel shows you the identification code of your character and also has a text box where you can paste your code if you already own one.
    • Copy-paste it in a file on your computer. It serves as a password to access your character the next time you log in. Don't tell it to anyone!
  • There are four realms at the moment (all located in the US). You can switch between
  • Chat window shows player messages of all realms. There are two channels however: Global (anyone can read) and Clan (clan members can read).
    • Chat with other players by pressing the Enter / Return key. Switch between channels in the bottom left corner.
    • See your current key bindings by typing "/bindings" in the chat window. Click here to see all the available commands.

Looking Around[edit | edit source]

If you have played a MMORPG before, this won't be a problem for you.

  • Use a Mouse to rotate your character.

By default the character camera is locked, meaning it will always face with your character. Unlock it in the Settings menu to look around without rotating your character.

Moving Around[edit | edit source]

  • You can move using WASD as well as arrow keys.

Base movement speed is constant - 7 (monsters move slightly slower - 5). Leveling up does not increase the speed.

  • Note that boots increase move speed. Always go for highest Move Speed stat to move faster (at least for farming monster experience).
  • Some abilities allows you to move faster for a few seconds or teleport. Use them at all times! Also great for escaping close combat.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

You are still probably located on one of the two spawns if you haven't moved too far yet.

  • There's a purple mob there, named Trader. Remember his position as you will return back to him many times to sell items.

Start of a Long Journey[edit | edit source]

Learning about Abilities[edit | edit source]

There are four different abilities available for each class, only the first one being unlocked from the beginning, except for Shamans who will also have the third one unlocked).

  • You can use abilities using keys 1, 2, 3 and 4.

For now 1 (for a Shaman 3) is the only skill available to you to damage enemies. Unlock your 2 as soon as possible - a great AOE (Area of Effect) damaging spell.

Keep your damaging and healing abilities upgraded to their maximum.

  • Note that upgrading abilities without a damaging or healing effect is useless! This has been confirmed by developers.

Finding a Monster[edit | edit source]

Start by killing lower level monsters (1-4) that are wandering around your spawn. Further away from spawn you will go, the higher level monsters you will find.

Selecting a Target[edit | edit source]

  • You can select your target by clicking on it using the Left Mouse Button.
  • Tab key can also be used to select and switch between nearby monsters.

Combat with Monsters[edit | edit source]

  • Use your 1 (Shaman 3) to kill a few monsters.
  • Make sure you loot anything they drop:
    • Gold - required to upgrade skills.
    • Items - weapons and armor for your character.
  • Visit the Trader to sell items you don't need. It will greatly increase your Gold income.

Grinding / Farming[edit | edit source]

These terms are used when you continuously kill monsters (usually in packs, attacking many at once) in order to gain experience and reach next levels faster.

  • Aggravate at least two packs of monsters (around 12) and use the AOE skill on them.
  • You will be able to damage monsters that are around 10 levels higher than you, others will resist the damage. Higher level means more experience!
  • Keep an eye out for special types of a monster, giving much more experience: Monster Knight, Golden Knight, Golden King.