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Alpha 25: UI rework and game guide[edit | edit source]

Alpha 25 is introducing a complete user interface rework as well as a complete ingame tutorial, guide, and more!



Game additions[edit | edit source]

User interface[edit | edit source]

Behold, the new user interface has finally arrived! Everything, including login page, ingame user interface, and all specific sub parts of the interface have been completely redone. This was all done while increasing the performance of the game by cutting overhead - namely Bootstrap and Jquery - as well as dropping all unnecessary styling from the game.

IT LOOKS LIKE A GAME NOW[edit | edit source]

  • Completely new style on everything
  • New skill cooldowns in a rotary design
  • New skill description panels (via mouse over)
  • Automatic inventory resizing to work on smaller displays
  • Ability to hide fame leaderboard
  • Added EXP / Hour display
  • Reworked clan manager, added clan pages
  • Item rarity display and stat quality display
  • Added ability to resize chat box in the settings
  • Added individual chat channels and ability to select specific channels in chat

Item rarity types[edit | edit source]

During the rework of the user interface, we took the opportunity to add a lot of visual feedback to the item system. Items now display their rarity types in the form of colors and borders in the inventory.


SO SHINY[edit | edit source]

  • 4 Different rarities added:
  • Common, <= 60% quality items
  • Uncommon, <= 80% quality items
  • Rare, <= 90% quality items
  • Epic, <= 100% quality items

Find more information about Items here.

Ingame tutorial[edit | edit source]

In order to make the first gameplay steps of Hordes a bit easier for new players, we have added a 20+ step tutorial that guides new players through the game. Veteran players will also start the tutorial on their first login - but fear not, you can disable it!

Note that you can also restart it in the settings!


Game guide[edit | edit source]

We wrote a full game guide explaining everything there is to Hordes.io in order to aid new players even more. This guide also contains information about game rules.

Technical changes[edit | edit source]

Graphics improvements[edit | edit source]

We drastically improved the quality of the games visuals, lighting and textures!

RESOLUTIONS[edit | edit source]

  • Reworked ground texture
  • Reworked stone texture
  • Improved grass rendering
  • Completely rewrote tree shaders, added tree leaf shadow mapping
  • Improved lighting and fog density to be less bright and more fitting to new ui


Performance improvements[edit | edit source]

We always work on improving the performance. With this update, even though the game looks massively better, performance has actually gone up as well!

PRAISE SHADERS[edit | edit source]

  • New tree shaders render trees massively faster, allowing for thousands of trees in the future (rather than tens of trees)
  • Drastically reduced file size of styles, textures and other assets
  • Overall client size has been reduced by 30-40% (900kb -> 600kb)
  • Drastic improvements in page load speed
  • Several client sided code changes to improve rendering

Source: https://hordes.io/blog/alpha-25-ui-rework/