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Alpha 3 - 22.09.2016[edit | edit source]

  • Buffed warrior slash - slows target by 50%.
  • Buffed warrior taunt - heals 10% of missing hp per second for 10 second.
  • Now properly aggros enemies.
  • Now has 12s cd.
  • Fixed warrior charge bug.
  • Fixed mage teleport bug where you couldn't stop running after using it.
  • Increased view range, view range now dynamic depending on amount of people on server, to reduce lag.
  • Fixed some monster pathing bugs.
  • Added client side idling, so the server doenst send you information when the tab is not opened, and the game doesnt lag when you try to open it again.
  • Added noob protection, only people below lvl 5 and people above lvl 5 can fight each other.