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Alpha 4 - 23.09.2016[edit | edit source]

  • Significantly increased exp curve, easier at start, harder above 15+.
  • Fixed shaman decay bug.
  • Very significant memory leaks fixed, should help low ram machines, and the game wont take 10 seconds to close after a long game session.
  • Fixed a mage ice block bug where you couldn't move after it ran out.
  • Changed mage iceblock cd to 24s.
  • Fixed heal exp bug. you will now get exp again by healing someone (you get equal exp as the target you heal).
  • Monster hp increased by 20%.
  • Warrior hp increased by 40%.
  • Shaman, mage hp increased by 20%.
  • (These changes are to make the game less bursty overall and hence give mage more room to shine).
  • Shaman heal buffed by 30% and ability power scaling buffed by 50%.
  • Shaman heal cast time reduced by 20%.
  • Mage ice bolt ability power scaling nerfed by 50% and base dmg reduced by 5.
  • Warrior charge range reduced from 50 to 35.