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Items were added with the Alpha 17 update, along with an inventory (bag, press b to toggle) and equip panel (character, press c to toggle). Items are dropped by monsters; The item dropped depends on the level of the monster, as higher level monsters will drop more powerful items and bigger heaps of Gold Clumps. When equipped, items increase the stats of the player using them, and Gold from the Gold Clumps make you richer.

All classes have weapons different from each other (Swords and Shields for Warriors, Staffs and Talismans Mages, Hammers and Shields Shamans, Bows and Quivers for Archers), and thus they cannot share weapons (except with Shields, for they can be equipped by both the Warrior and the Shaman). i.e. the Shaman can not use the Warrior's Broadsword. While there are four different weapons, there are only three offhand items, making warrior and shaman both use a shield.

Items also have a minimum level, requiring you to reach that level in order to use that weapon. Some items may also need a Class requirement.

All items can be sold at the Trader for a price depending on the item itself, and the selling price is found when hovering over the item in the inventory (bag) or equip panel (character).

Please note that the stats shown are the highest they can be and not what they are every time.

List[edit | edit source]

See complete list of items.

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