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Mage is one of the playable classes in

Mages are characters that use long ranged skills that can deal high damage from afar with a few tools to reposition and protect themselves.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Max power is 100-160
  • Average weapon max progression: +5 min, +8max
  • Max defence is 445
  • Max hp is 567
  • Max hp Regen is 19/s
  • Max mp Regen is 43.1/s
  • Max move speed is 9.7

Skills[edit | edit source]

Mage icebolt.jpg Ice Bolt[edit | edit source]

(Instant cast) Fires a magic ice bolt at the enemy, dealing low damage to all enemies in a small area around the target and slowing them.
- Max cast range of 35, AoE size of 9.
- Slows the target by 40% for 6 seconds.
- 1 second cooldown.

Mage blizzard.jpg Frostcall[edit | edit source]

(Timed cast) You call down a blizzard centered on an enemy's position, dealing damage over time in a large area around the target, slowing enemies in the area.
- Max cast range of 35, AoE size of 12.
- Slows all targets in the area by 60% for 2 seconds, the duration is refreshed every time they're damaged by Frostcall.
- 7 second cooldown.
- 1 second casting time.
- Channeled (Can be channeled up to 5 seconds, dealing damage each second).

Mage tp.jpg Teleport[edit | edit source]

(Instant cast) Teleports you forward in an instant.
- Skill levels appear to have no affect on this ability.
- 9 second cooldown.

Mage iceblock.jpg Iceblock[edit | edit source]

(Instant cast) Freezes you in an ice block, rendering you invincible for a few seconds and recovering a portion of your health each second. You cannot move forward, backward or sideways while the skill is active. However you can still turn left and right while frozen in Iceblock.
- The amount healed is scaled with Ability effect, and the mage's max HP.
- 14 second cooldown.
- 5 second duration.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Staff - Improves Damage, MP, MP Regeneration and Critical Chance
  • Talisman - MP and MP Regeneration
  • Chest - Improves Defense, HP and HP Regeneration
  • Armlets - Improves Defense, HP, MP and MP Regeneration
  • Gloves - Improves Defense, HP and Critical Chance
  • Boots - Improves Defense, HP and Move Speed
  • Ring - Improves HP Regeneration and MP Regeneration
  • Gem - Not in game yet
  • Bag - Improves extra Inventory Slots

Pros and cons[edit | edit source]


  • Can keep the enemy permanently slowed. Good chaser.
  • Has 2 solid escape/defense skills, which make you good at escaping and avoiding sticky situations.
  • Teleport can help you go off map, by teleporting over a non-walk-able steep slope.
  • High damage, AOE and range with Frostcall.
  • In teams you can slow opponents down and let your Archer deal high damage to the target. Then you can proceed to slowing and damaging more enemies.
  • Highest power of all classes, with a final power of 100-160.
  • great for farming bots if you are high level as they all crowd near red area and you do aEo damage.


  • Your main damaging skill (Frostcall) is powerful, but awkward to use, since it is both channeled and has casting time. This isn't bad, but you have to stand still to use it.
  • You need to rely on being at range/surprise attacks and having an escape plan to be effective if you are playing alone. You are not good at fighting 1 v 1. In a team fight you are more effective as you can rely on others taking the damage for you/deny attempts of the enemy to focus on you, while keeping the enemies slowed for your teammates and doing decent damage.
  • The teleport skill may sometimes glitch if you are lagging, teleporting you forward, but then teleporting you back to your original position. This triggers the cooldown.

Team Strategies[edit | edit source]

Mages are an important part to teams as they can easily slow and damage enemies for Warriors and Archers to get in and deal a load of damage, while also attacking multiple enemies.

Farming and Grinding Strategies[edit | edit source]

Mages are one of the three classes (besides Warrior and Archer) to utilize splash damage, or damage that can hit multiple foes at once. This, in combination with the similar splash ability of ice bolt allows Mages to easily gather "trains", or hordes of mobs. As a Mage, you can use ice bolt to gather and concentrate mobs, then teleport away and use frost call for the kill. In addition, if you are low on health, instead of teleporting away right away, you may instead use ice block as you take no damage. You may then subsequently teleport away and continue with the ice bolts or frost calls.

Low level mages can also exploit teleportation to climb along the mountains to high level areas, where they can can then (While attracting as little attention as possible) steal the loot drops of the high level mobs to gain absurd amounts of gold for their level.

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