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A NPC (Non-Player Character) is any in-game character that is not controlled by a player.

There are four different main types of NPCs in

  • Monster: Monsters are AI controlled creatures that roam the lands in They are hostile to all players, except to other NPCs.
  • Warden: Wardens are AI controlled fighters that protect the bases of each faction in There are 2 on every side of each Spawnpoint, which instant-kill any other-faction players that come near. Each warden is level 100, making them very hard to kill.
  • General/Commander: The Vanguard General/Bloodlust Commander is a powerful AI fighter that usually defend the center of each factions' territories.
  • Trainee/Rookie: Vanguard Rookies/Bloodlust Trainees are NPCs that are scattered throughout each of the factions' territories. There are 2 types. One wields a sword and functions similarly to a Warrior, while another has significantly lower health but uses a bow, and functions similarly to the Archer class.
  • Faction Boss: The Faction bosses are the most powerful (level 10 NPC) AI controlled fighters of each faction in, the Vanguard King and Bloodlust Leader.
  • Trader: A vendor NPC that allows players to trade in their items for gold. Higher level items sell for more gold.
  • Conjurer: An NPC that allows you to travel to different maps.
  • Stash: An NPC that allows the player to store gold and items.
  • Sage: An NPC that allows the player to reset their stat points.