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Here you can find some developer quotes from in-game FAQ sessions.

How to play[edit | edit source]

Auto-run[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "..., to auto-run simply hold down the "W" key and hit "Enter""

Getting items and skills[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "you can get new items/gold by killings monsters. Use the gold to increase your skills (hover over skill icon, click the "+" icon)"

Earning more gold[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "Sell items by going to your spawn and clicking the purple "Trader" NPC, right-click items to sell"

Joining a clan[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "To join a clan you must first 'set your unique name' on the Character panel - and then a clan leader has to invite you."

Getting a helm/crown[edit | edit source]

  • A helm or a crown automatically appears on characters that have enough Fame. Fame can be earned by killing players of the opposite faction.
Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "1000 = Metal Helm 2500 = Silver Helm 5000 = Gold Helm 10,000 Metal Crown 15,000 Silver Crown 25,000 Gold Crown"

Selling Items[edit | edit source]

Help.png TheClone (Guardian.): "To sell items, go to the purple Trader in any spawn and right click on the items you want to sell."

For everyone[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "yeah i plan on hosting weekly GM events very soon =) ill be announcing them on facebook/twitter"

Upcoming Features[edit | edit source]

Clans[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "ranks/permissions and MORE clan features will be coming in the next couple of updates"

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "ranged mobs are under development now, ..."
(Ranged Mobs have been released in Alpha 20, however i do not know if they are planing on making/updating more) - TheClone

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • At some point we will probably see quests in
Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "we've strongly considering adding quests. but they would be very simple kill quests to help players level faster"
                       "And give players a reason to come back to base other than to sell items"

Dungeons, world bosses[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "We dont have any plans for dungeons, but i agree it would be nice. at the very least having a world raid-boss seems fun."

Trading coins[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "yea that will most likely come with the player trading system. maybe"