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Here you can find some developer quotes from in-game FAQ sessions. Most of them are from GMs, or the Game Masters, who code and partially share/own the game.

Official FAQ[edit | edit source]

How to play[edit | edit source]

Auto-Running[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "..., to auto-run simply hold down the "W" key and hit "Enter""

Auto-running allows the player to walk without holding onto the "w" button. This also requires opening global/clan chat, if the UI is toggled on.

Getting Items & Upgrading Skills[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "you can get new items/gold by killings monsters. Use the gold to increase your skills (hover over skill icon, click the "+" icon)"

Selling Items[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "Sell items by going to your spawn and clicking the purple "Trader" NPC, right-click items to sell"

Joining Clans[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "To join a clan you must first 'set your unique name' on the Character panel - and then a clan leader has to invite you."

Getting a Helm/Crown[edit | edit source]

  • A helm or a crown automatically appears on characters that have enough Fame. Fame can be earned by killing players of the opposite faction.
Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "1000 = Metal Helm 2500 = Silver Helm 5000 = Gold Helm 10,000 Metal Crown 15,000 Silver Crown 25,000 Gold Crown"

Selling Items[edit | edit source]

Help.png TheClone (Guardian.): "To sell items, go to the purple Trader in any spawn and right click on the items you want to sell."

Events[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "yeah i plan on hosting weekly GM events very soon =) ill be announcing them on facebook/twitter"

Upcoming Features[edit | edit source]

Clans[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "ranks/permissions and MORE clan features will be coming in the next couple of updates"

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "ranged mobs are under development now, ..."
(Ranged Mobs have been released in Alpha 20, however i do not know if they are planing on making/updating more) - TheClone

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • At some point we will probably see quests in
Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "we've strongly considering adding quests. but they would be very simple kill quests to help players level faster"
                       "And give players a reason to come back to base other than to sell items"

Dungeons, world bosses[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "We dont have any plans for dungeons, but i agree it would be nice. at the very least having a world raid-boss seems fun."

Trading Coins[edit | edit source]

Help.png Scarebear (GM.): "yea that will most likely come with the player trading system. maybe"

Unofficial FAQ[edit | edit source]

This is the unofficial version of FAQ, with topics that weren't already covered on the official. These may not be entirely true, just a warning.

Game Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Creating A Unique Name[edit | edit source]

Kestrel (KRAK): "In order to set a unique name, you must already reach level 10 as of January 25th (previous versions required you to be level 7). Then, go to your character interface, and press dat blue button at the bottom. Change it to your liking with strict parameters, then confirm it. WARNING: This is PERMANENT!"

Logging Out[edit | edit source]

Kestrel (KRAK): "If you are ever having trouble keeping your fame, try logging out using the correct way. I usually just log out when I see a high-fame and high-level enemy to avoid the situation, but its better to get back to the spawnpoint and wait until you are out of Combat Mode. Then, log out by going to the farthest left tab of the upper right menu, and press the log out button. There ya go!"

Suggested Ways Of Daily Hordes Life (this is encouraged, but not required)[edit | edit source]

Forming Clans[edit | edit source]

Kestrel (KRAK): "It is suggested if you are highly social, and if your have enough friends of the same faction, gold, and experience, you can form a clan! Having people who are building tight bonds with you should be in your clan, but this is only just a strategy to take lightly."

Growing A Fame Hoard[edit | edit source]

Kestrel (KRAK): "Just barely keeping fame? Grow your fame hoard by leveling up to a decent level (I suggest level 35) by farming/grinding in Alpheos, and then going to a PVP server to start your aimless journey going about the other factions' territory and attacking other players who are not focused on enemies and seem unaware of you tracking them. Seemingly endless fame farming with your friends/acquaintances/clan members can eventually lead you to getting all sorts of hats!"

Hoarding Gold[edit | edit source]

Kestrel (KRAK): "Gold is a good resource if you are needing it to upgrade skills or fixing up a clan. Disband a clan and then remake a new one by spending an extremely miniscule payment of a meer 15K. Get all of this by looting on people, and there is no need to ask permission if the farm is shared by at least three players of levels between 1-69. If players are higher than that, you'd want to ask permission or they have a tendency to kick you out of the area. hoard items and sell them, or pick up those small yellow mushroom-like items for gold piles."