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Ring/List (edit visual or source)

Level Name HP Reg.* MP Reg.* Worth
1 Woven Band.png Woven Band 0.2/s 0.2/s Coin.png
5 Ironbark Circlet.png Ironbark Circlet 0.4/s 0.4/s 56 Coin.png
14 Brass Ringlet.png Brass Ringlet 0.8/s 0.8/s 159 Coin.png
23 Hollowed Bone.png Hollowed Bone 1.3/s 1.3/s 260 Coin.png
32 Elven Band.png Elven Band 1.7/s 1.7/s 581 Coin.png
41 Imbued Circlet.png Imbued Circlet 2.2/s 2.2/s 1127 Coin.png
52 Arcane Ring.png Arcane Ring 2.7/s 2.7/s 1492 Coin.png
61 Emerald Band.png Emerald Band 3.2/s 3.2/s 1946 Coin.png
70 Infernal Ring.png Infernal Ring 3.6/s 3.6/s 2451 Coin.png
79 Ancient Talisman.png Ancient Talisman 4.1/s 4.1/s 3730 Coin.png
? Hallowed Relic
? Cantor's Trinket
86 Peacekeeper 7.3/s 7.3/s 6445 Coin.png

If you know the value of the interrogation objects please put it

* Maximum roll values.