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Shield is a type of offhand used by Warriors and Shamans.Shield is the best item to farm gold as it is most common compared to others items similiar of level.

Level Name Defense* HP* HP Reg.* Worth
2 Wooden Shield.png Wooden Shield 17 9 0.2/s 13 Coin.png
13 Buckler.png Buckler 31 13 0.8/s 152 Coin.png
33 Old Bulwark.png Old Bulwark 55 21 1.8/s 634 Coin.png
63 Metal Guard.png Metal Guard 91 33 3.3/s 2057 Coin.png
88 Protecteron.png Protecteron 121 43 4.5/s 5674 Coin.png
* Maximum roll values.

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