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Skills are the unique abilities that each one of the Classes can use in

Skills for Classes:

  • Warrior rend.jpg Deep Cut: Slash your enemy's arteries, causing them to bleed over a period of time. Heals you for a percentage of your missing health.
  • Warrior spin.jpg Whirlwind: Spin your sword, dealing damage to enemies in a circle around you. Decreases movement speed while active.
  • Warrior charge.jpg Charge: Charge at your enemy, interrupting their current cast and stopping their movements.
  • Warrior shout.jpg Taunt: Intimidate your enemies with a loud roar, generating high levels of threat and regenerating a portion of your missing health. Removes debuffs.

  • Mage icebolt.jpg Ice Bolt: Fire a magic ice bolt at the enemy, dealing damage to all targets in the area and slowing them for a brief moment.
  • Mage blizzard.jpg Frostcall: You call down a blizzard on an enemies position, dealing damage over time. Channeled.
  • Mage tp.jpg Teleport: Teleports you forward in an instant.
  • Mage iceblock.jpg Iceblock: Freezes you in an iceblock, rendering you invincible for a moment and recovering a portion of your health.

  • Shaman heal.jpg Healing ritual: Heals your target upon cast and for a short while afterwards.
  • Shaman spirit.jpg Equilibrate: Summons a spirit upon a friendly target that heals allys and damages enemies.
  • Shaman decay.jpg Decay: Cast a spell of decay upon your enemy, slowing their movement and dealing damage over time.
  • Shaman windrush.jpg Wind rush: Temporarily boost the movement speed of you and your allies.

  • Archer pierce.jpg Piercing Shot: Fires an arrow at your target. Pierces their armor up to 5 times, increasing your next Piercing Shot damage by 18%.
  • Archer volley.jpg Volley: Shoot all targets in front of you over a duration.
  • Archer siphon.jpg Leeching Arrow: Fires a condemned arrow at your enemy, reducing their HP Regeneration and stealing some of their health.
  • Archer sprint.jpg Sprint: You sprint at a very high speed for a short moment.

Some skills players must first unlock them with Coin.png Gold. Skills can also be unlocked/upgraded with gold to increase their potency. Dying will not reset your skills.

Unlocking a skill costs 8 Coin.png. Upgrading a skill costs more depending of their current level:

Skill Level Upgrade Cost Char. Level Required Skill power
Level 2 51 Coin.png / 60%
Level 3 171 Coin.png / 70%
Level 4 419 Coin.png / 80%
Level 5 858 Coin.png / 90%
Level 6 1564 Coin.png 4 100%
Level 7 2622 Coin.png 8 110%
Level 8 4129 Coin.png 12 120%
Level 9 6190 Coin.png 16 130%
Level 10 8921 Coin.png 20 140%
Level 11 12499 Coin.png 24 150%
Level 12 16907 Coin.png 28 160%
Level 13 22442 Coin.png 32 170%
Level 14 29205 Coin.png 36 180%
Level 15 37361 Coin.png 40 190%
Level 16 47081 Coin.png 44 200%
Level 17 58544 Coin.png 48 210%
Level 18 71940 Coin.png 52 220%
Level 19 87467 Coin.png 56 230%
Level 20 105331 Coin.png 60 240%
Level 21 125747 Coin.png 64 250%
Level 22 148937 Coin.png 68 260%
Level 23 175133 Coin.png 72 270%
Level 24 204575 Coin.png 76 280%
Level 25 237507 Coin.png 80 290%
Level 26 274188 Coin.png 84 300%
Level 27 314881 Coin.png 88 310%
Level 28 359857 Coin.png 92 320%
Level 29 409395 Coin.png 96 330%
Level 30 463783 Coin.png 100 340%

Some skills can be toggled without auto-selecting a target such as the warrior's Whirlwind skill. When toggling single target skill without a objective, the skill will auto lock to the closest valid target. In the case of a buff, when not selected on an ally, it will automatically target you.

Using a skill will trigger a global cooldown (1 sec.) during which you can't use other skills.

Skill types[edit | edit source]

There are different categories of skills:

  • Direct Damage: A skill that causes an enemy target to receive damage once, immediately.
  • Damage over Time: A skill that causes an enemy target to receive damage over a period of time, in contrast to direct damage. Also known as DoT.
  • Heal: A skill that restores your health or an ally target's health either directly or over time. Also known as a HoT
  • Buffs: A skill that increases a statistic of a friendly target or yourself for a duration, e.g. faster movement speed.
  • Debuffs: A skill that decreases a statistic of an enemy target for a duration, e.g. reduced armor, reduced healing.